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Une conférence scientifique aux US sur le polyamour



le jeudi 06 décembre 2012 à 05h30

We are still seeking POLYACTIVISTS to present at the International Academic Polyamory Conference, which will
happen Feb 15-17, 2013, in Berkeley, California.

The entire Sunday session (FEB 17) will be devoted to presentation and
discussion of subjects related to POLITICAL issues and matters related to
poly-activism. Where is the "polyamory movement" now? What can be done to
advance the cause of polyamory? What obstacles do we face? How can we overcome

The general format will be for a presenter to give a presentation of some
relevant topic (about 20 minutes), followed a general group discussion period
about that specific topic. After this, another presentation will be made on
another topic, followed by another discussion focused on that specific topic,

We are looking ONLY for presentations specifically related to the political
and social movement aspects of polyamory and other types of consensual
nonmonogamy. We are NOT interested in dogmatic pontifications of personal
opinion, utopian self-indulgent head trips, unfocused whining about how unfair
the world is, (especially to you personally), nor presentations about "what
polyamory means to me." However, anything genuinely relevant to the matter of
polyactivism or polyamory as a social movement will be considered.

At the end of the day, those who have managed to survive will attempt to
discuss and synthesize all of what has been presented and discussed, try to
determine whether we have learned anything or not, and see if any of it is
useful in guiding us about how the polyamory movement can go forward. What kind
of actions and activation are called for? What are the next steps? Where do we
go from here?

Despite some technical problems, we now have restored the website for the event.
We've had to rebuild it. The process is still not complete, but this one is now
at least up and functional. Please use this link, and not any others:


At this point, the majority of the presenters slots are spoken for, but I could
still use some more. Short presentations (20 minutes) will be preferred to
longer presentations.

If you have a proposal for something you'd like to present, please send it along
ASAP. I'd like start finalizing the schedule of presentations by Dec 15.

We plan to keep the cost as low as possible. (Currently $69 for general
participants, and a $18 student rate, but the price will go up again on Dec 5.

Anyone interested in participating in this event is encouraged to contact me:

[e-mail, cliquer pour voir l'adresse]




le mercredi 12 décembre 2012 à 17h46

Ah, je peux pas faire un déplacement à ces dates-là, moi...désolée !


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