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[Paris] English Speaking Poly Café



le mercredi 02 octobre 2019 à 22h16

Hi everyone,

Recently the subject of creating an English speaking Poly Café was raised during the last mini poly café. Knowing that some of you could be potentially interested, I'm kickstarting this conversation here, this time around in English.

The "English Corner" model so far used during some poly cafés has been shown not to be reassuring enough for strictly English speaking folks. I have myself people around me who feel the need to share on the matter and unfortunately don't feel included in the Parisians poly events because of their low level of French.

Paris is a cosmopolitan city nourished by cultural exchange in its daily life. The poly English speaking audience is already here, there is just not yet a dedicated space to welcome them.

Suggestions? Remarks? What do y'all think of all that?

Let's do this?

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