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Neuchâtel (Suisse)

Polyamoureux convaincu depuis toujours, j'ai eu plusieurs histoires inclusives, mais aussi quelques unes exclusives.
Je cherche des polyamoureux/euses en Suisse Romande !

Rencontre poly à Olten, 21.3

Rendez-vous le mercredi 21 mars 2012 à 19h00 à Olten en Suisse.

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Martin-Distelistrasse 1


Ever fallen in love with more than one person? It has happened to us & we think that romantic relationships with more than one person are awesome! Join us on Wednesday, March 21st (next week!), to learn about and share your experiences with polyamory, the love of many. This event was initially created by a group of young people bringing Vancouver's famous Poly 101 format to Switzerland. They have now gone back to Canada but we’re trying to keep the event alive. Take your chance to make poly friends all over Switzerland!

So what happens at the Poly 101? We start with an introduction round and then have a moderated discussion with a set topic where you are welcome to learn about and share your experiences with polyamory. After the discussion we stick around for socializing and poly goodness :-). It will also be possible to order food for those who want to. Language will be English as we set out to bridge the barrière de Rösti…

The topic for the next meeting is poly relationships. Our discussion will surround relationships such as closed, open, primary, secondary, single, dyad, triad, quad, network and everything in between. We'll be looking to help understand each individual's relationship and discuss how the interactions between each member of that relationship work.

We meet at the Restaurant Bahnhof Gleis 13 (Martin-Distelistrasse 1) at Bahnhof Olten (zero minute from the train station, just upstairs of the Migrolino at platform 12, and then walk right). We have a place upstairs (first floor) all for us as to guarantee the privacy of our discussion.

- Wednesday 21 March 2012
- 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
- Restaurant Bahnhof Gleis 13 at Bahnhof Olten (ask for the room
on the 1st floor) Address: Martin-Distelistrasse 1, Olten, Switzerland
- Cost: No cover, but sliding-scale donations are welcome

Last time, in February there were about 15 persons.

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