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Femme cis, blanche, pan, valide, neuroatypique, poly depuis 2009, en couple-socle avec un homme cis blanc multi-privilégié depuis 2011, je suis cinéaste et autrice, réalisatrice de LUTINE, une comédie documentée sur la polyamorie sortie en salles en 2018 (www.lutinelefilm.com).

Je co-facilite les…

[On line] Salon Lutine & Cie in English #3 : Polyamory & Conflict Resolution

Rendez-vous le mercredi 13 mai 2020 à 21h00 à Zoom en France.


Facebook Event:

Our "Salon Lutine & co" is a poly support and discussion group that my poly life partner Loïc and I have been hosting in my living-room (= salon in French ?) for the past 4 years.

Our 36th salon happened on-line instead (and was also our first virtual discussion group). Since then, we've hosted a few more including large group discussions after the e-screening of my film LUTINE.

We also organised the first "café poly" in English in Paris at the beginning of March, two weeks before lockdown.

It seems only natural for us now to open our Salon to an on-line poly discussion group in English, where all our friends from all over the world are invited to join us.

We welcome you to join, wherever you are! ♥

*** THEME***
To come. Suggestions welcome!

*** HOW TO ***

We'll meet on Zoom.
But first, please send me an email at [e-mail, cliquer pour voir l'adresse], sharing with me a few words about who you are, what your experience with polyamory is, why you're interested in this event and what you expect of it.

Please note that I will answer to all of you, but maybe not immediately as I am organizing several events in parallel, as well as (trying to) write a book on ethical and plural relationships which sometimes demands me to distance myself from my mail and social interactions.

*** SCHEDULE ***

Meeting is at 9 PM, Paris time (CEST = UTC +2).
Montréal : 3 PM (EDT = UTC-4)
San Francisco : Noon (PDT = UTC-7)

Please arrive between 9 and 9.15, because we'll "close the door" at 9.15 sharp.


This is a pay-what-you-can event fully supporting those on low income to attend.

Suggested donation: 15-20€
Solidarity donation: 5€-14€
Support donation: 20€ and above

Paypal: www.paypal.me/isalutine
Tipeee: https://fr.tipeee.com/isa-lutine
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/isalutine

*** WHO AM I? ***

I am a French movie directress with a degree from the FEMIS, the French national cinema school. My first feature film – THE PLEASURE IS ALL MINE – was a romantic comedy about clitoris, masturbation and female pleasure.

My second feature film is called LUTINE (hence my nickname here) and is a comedy about cinema and polyamory. It tells the story about a directress (whom I play) who decides to shoot a documentary about polyamory.

It won the Best Feature Award and the Best Screenplay Award at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival in 2017 and has been screened all over the world in the poly communities.

It's also been released in French movie theaters for two years, and I'm now organizing on-line screenings before launching in on VOD on Vimeo on Demand pretty soon.

I've been poly for 11 years and in a poly primary relationship with my partner Loïc for 9 years.
I've been going to cafés poly in Paris since and have been one of their organizers for many years now.

Since LUTINE has been released two years ago, I think I or we must have been facilitating not less than 80 poly discussion groups in many cities or countries.

I am now working both on a new screenplay about a long term couple deciding to open their relationship and writing an essay on polyamory for an important publisher here in France.

I'll be happy to see you again or meet you for the first time on my screen computer for our Zoom poly meeting. ♥

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