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Vlierhof International polyamory meeting 15 to 22 2010

Rendez-vous le dimanche 15 août 2010 à 15h00 à Keeken Kleve en Allemagne.

Fin de l'événement le dimanche 22 août 2010 à 18h00
Carte générale
Carte du quartier
Kleverstrasse 115
Keeken, Germany


More and more people are dissatisfied with monogamy presented as the only way to be faithful. Polyamory offers a way to love more people in openness and honesty. We offer this time as a possibility to meet with other polyamorous people, to share our questions, experiences and dreams. To live together gives us the time to know each other and our stories deeper.

* A selforganized event with workshops and playshops. Topics include a variety of workshops on relationship and communication skills, talking stick, games, massage, singing, dancing, sexuality (to enhance intimacy and sensual connection), and so much more! English will be the main language, non-verbal arrangements will be a part of the event * Surprises: Bring you skills, instruments, colors, movements, and together we make it happen. All events are invitations, nobody has to be part of any activity if they don`t want to. Sauna, walks, farm, garden. * A place to learn from each other.


will be the main language, but we expect a rich mixture of other languages as well, german, french, dutch, scandinavian, klingon and esperanto...

Food (vegetarian) will be organized with the Vlierhof community. The participants offer programs / workshops / Playshops /social activities. There is grouprooms, Sauna, nice nature for walks by the Rhein. Weeze Airport is nearby (for cheap flights with Ryanair) and there is also connections for trains and buses.

PRICES WEEK (7 nights /Food and lodging)
Single room 310 euro (If you pay before 5 august: 300)
Double room (pr person) 260 Euro (If you pay before 5 august: 260)
Unspecified (dormitory, yurt or extra mattress in a double room or single room) 220 Euro (If you pay before 5 august: 210)
Own tent or caravan 200 Euro (If you pay before 5 august: 190)

PRICE HALFWEEK (3 Nights at your own choice for example Thursday to Sunday / food included)
Single room 170 euro (If you pay before 5 august: 160)
Double room (pr person) 145 Euro (If you pay before 5 august: 135)
Unspecified (dormitory, yurt or extra mattress in a double room or single room)
125 Euro (If you pay before 5 august: 115)
Own tent or caravan 105 Euro (If you pay before 5 august: 95)

People staying full week will have priority in booking.
No rebate if you only can`t stay the full 3 nights or the week.

PRICE DAY (food and lodging)
Unspecified (dormitory, yurt or extra mattress in a double room or single room)
Only if there is places free. We prefer people to stay for longer time. Register anyway to be informed.

No rebate if you stay shorter.

When you have registered we send you the bank account for payment. When you have paid, then your place is booked.

If you should have to depart from the project before the 15th of July, you get your money back except the bank-fees. After the 15th of July until begin of the poly week you get your money back minus 25 EURO and bankfees.

If you - for any reason - should leave/not come to VLIERHOF, paying back will not be possible. In cases of emergency or sickness, we will surely find an individual solution.

After you have registered, you will be part of the email-group for this event, which will be terminated after the event. There are about 20 spaces in total. Bring own sheets and towels. (Can also be rented at vlierhof) Mattresses will be available.

International Poly Week Vlierhof is a self organizing event, that means that all participants are responsible what happens. There is plenty of ways to participate: cooking, shopping, cleaning up, transportation, workshops.





The arrangers speaks english, german, french and ... norwegian.

Write to [e-mail, cliquer pour voir l'adresse] for questions, info and registrations.
Norwegian polyamory forum: www.polynorge.no


When you have filled this registration we will send you the adress for payment.
Your place is only secured when you have paid
Welcome to summer, poly and sustainable living/ loving.

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